Fishing Bloopers

We all make mistakes while out fishing, and these can range from hilarious to the downright dangerous depending on the circumstances.

Once upon a time, the “What happens on the boat stays on the boat” philosophy meant that documenting little fishing stuff ups could be easily brushed off as never having happened. With the advent of smaller, high quality still and video cameras, plus iPhones that take stills as well as video, it seems that you can’t get away with anything these days.

Whether you’re walking down the street or fishing, everyone’s now a cameraman, and even so-called mates are quick to post stuff on social media if something goes awry when out fishing.

Hooking yourself (or your mate), getting bitten by fish you’ve caught, falling in, dropping rods and reels in the water, casting the tip off a rod, getting bogged while accessing that remote destination (made all the more exquisite when a rising tide is a factor) — the list goes on and on.

Most fishing clubs have a ‘Paddle’ or ‘Anal Fin’ award to acknowledge the disasters that befall their members during the course of the year, and there’s nothing sweeter than being able to present evidence in living colour — after you’ve posted it all over your mate’s Facebook account of course.

The all-time fishing blooper king is American fishing television show host, Bill Dance. His fishing blooper reel includes — but is in no way limited to — breaking numerous rods on fish, in trees, in a ute tailgate, having a snake drop in his lap, having an electric motor go on a murderous rampage, falling in the water, and snagging a lure in a tree and then pulling the tree down onto himself. Despite all this, he always keeps his cool — sort of — with the strongest language used being “Shoot.” Definitely one to scope out on YouTube!

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