Fishing Tips

Fishing tips come in myriad forms, sometimes they’re written down, sometimes they’re passed from fisho to fisho, and often these days they’re on fishing videos or clips on television, Facebook or YouTube. Good writers and presenters will dot handy tips through their articles or film presentations, because at the end of the day it’s all about getting more people out there and into the fish.

That old fishing truism that 10 per cent of the anglers catch 90 per cent of the fish often comes down to a combination of little things — one per-centers if you will — that, when assembled together, make a great angler.

For the other 90 per cent, all they can do is look on in wonder as these accomplished fishos pull fish out of nowhere, seemingly with ease. Oftentimes, good fishos don’t even realise they’re doing it, such is their skill level, but are refining their craft every time they wet a line.

Should they offer an insight into what they’re doing (and there’s certainly no harm in asking), if they’re willing to share you best pay attention because you’ve struck piscatorial gold.

Often though, you have to work out the vagaries of fishing and the species we chase for yourself by being observant. This can lead to one of those “A-ha!” moments where everything suddenly falls into place for Mr 90 Per Cent.

If you’re fishing with other, more experienced anglers, look at how they rig up; what weight sinker or lure they use; where they cast; how they retrieve. Make a note of what tide or moon phase they’re fishing and keep a record of it in a diary and refer back to it over time. This will eventually become a big book of fishing tips.

Good anglers don’t mind giving inexperienced anglers a leg-up, although not all the answers. There is far greater satisfaction in working it out for yourself anyway. And when you do get a great fishing tip from someone, just remember to pay it forward because the fishing gods will smile upon you in the future.

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