Fishing Videos

There was a time not so long ago where most of our fishing knowledge came from books, magazines, fishing clubs, and on-water time with like-minded individuals.

There have always been fishing shows on television, but in the early days they were few and far between, often about overseas fisheries, the production quality poor, and for the most part having little educational value.

Heavy cameras, and even heavier battery packs meant a substantial crew were needed to produce them, and this made it an expensive exercise.

Amateur film makers also struggled with bulky equipment, but over time technology has advanced to the point where a high definition camera is now the size of a cigarette pack and relatively cheap to buy.

While it seems that everyone has a fishing show these days, striking the right balance between entertaining and informing is the secret to attracting and holding an audience.

The spinoff from these shows were fishing videos and then DVDs — especially when production costs of each disc dropped to just a few cents per unit. Most keen fishos now have a library of them.

But with the dawn of electronic media, all of a sudden we can also learn from the Internet as well.

But it’s not just the pros that are making fishing videos and clips now — keen amateurs are producing broadcast quality material with simple cameras, and editing it on home computers to a standard that production houses couldn’t hope to emulate a decade ago.

How to tie a complicated knot? No problem. How to rig a lure to get the most out of its inbuilt action? Easy done. How to fillet and then cook that fish? Someone will have made a clip for it somewhere and it’s most likely available on dedicated fishing websites or on YouTube.

Not only do they educate, but good fishing videos and clips also entertain. With hat cam, outrigger cam, pole cam, underwater cam, and even drone footage, anglers are able to capture all the colour and excitement of their sport. Whether it be a Murray cod smashing a surface paddler tight to a snag, or a psycho blue marlin tail walking past the boat in an attempt to throw the hook, it’s all captured in HD.

At the end of the day though, getting out there and doing it still remains the best teacher of all!

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